Monday, April 14, 2014

Pyrex on the Brain!

Wow!  Pyrex is consuming my life lately, more than ever!  I wrote in my last post how I'm trying to downsize my collection and doing some trading to find those missing pieces.  Well, today I almost posted a piece for trade and then had second thoughts. It's not a spectacular piece, but it is special. Here it is.

This is JAJ's version of blue wheat, but instead of an 023 size, it's an 024.  I took this picture and thought "this really is a pretty dish".  And then my mind wandered to the fact that US patterned 024s are highly desirable and harder to get and here I have this JAJ version, it stacks nicely with US 024s--maybe I should keep it!  Whew!  I have decided to keep it and glad I didn't trade it!

I decided since I would write this post, I'd go out and snap a picture from my garden.

Hubby saw this yesterday and came in with 50 questions, he couldn't fathom why I would stick a piece of Pyrex out in the dirt in the garden!!!!  Well, it was slated for donation, one of the handles is half broken off and I have extras of these type lids.  I decided to make it an ornament in my vegetable garden.  Is that sacrilegious?

Lastly, I made a new banner for my blog yesterday.  I took this picture to use in it.  This is what I see every morning now when I walk into my kitchen!  Needless to say--I love it!!!

Here is a link to my blog if you want to see my new banner with the other elements I pieced together.  I can't keep myself from playing around with the photo software application!  You can click here for a looksie!

(Hopelessly addicted),



  1. Love your stack of space savers! These must be the ones you were telling me about, I am excited to see them!

    I also have Pyrex in the garden. I have a Daisy 442 that saw better days in use as a succulent planter.

    I go back and forth on JAJ. I had some English Rose and traded it, now I have a Harvest piece up for sale. I do wonder, though, if I should keep it since JAJ is harder to find here. What I really want are some of the JAJ 080s because they are so stinkin' cute.

    1. Oh I do love that JAJ Harvest though!! Hum...

  2. I love your space saver collection!

  3. Thanks Stacey, I am loving it too!! Finally got my own!