Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sad, Sad Pyrex with Insane Prices…And a Couple of Scores

I hit a Savers on the other side of town today, hoping to find some goodies. Well, I found some pyrex, but I also found prices that can only be described as insane. I found myself wondering just what the pricer had ingested prior to affixing a price label on these items.

I admit to artfully arranging the shelf so I could get these crimes against Pyrex into one picture. What you have here is a wealth of Pyrex for my town, but not a single piece was priced below $10. 

Left to right...That's a fetus bowl (once you see it it cannot be unseen). I was so excited when I spotted it as I have always wanted it for the weirdness factor. Yet it had two large chips, very little shine, and terrible wear under the handles. It was $16. The white bowl I at first thought was an opal but alas, who knows what it once was. It was $10. The bowl underneath was so DWD and truly felt chalky to the touch; it was akin to running nails down a chalkboard; it could be yours for the low price of $10. The Terra, well, it was matte but it had lots of scratches, some chalkiness, a chip, and came with a $14 price tag. The little brown 401 was lacking shine and had some marbling, it was $10.

Now, there was one decent piece I found on a random shelf after I took this picture. It was a nice Autumn Harvest 401. But I was not going to pay $10 for it, no way.

Then the funniest thing happened: two older ladies on the next aisle started going on and on and on about the inflated prices of the ceramic items they picked up. It was so funny! One clearly had the same thought I did, as I heard her say, no joke, "I wonder if the pricer was high." 

This particular Savers is across the street from a mall and I can't help but wonder if its prices are jacked up as a result. The Savers on my side of town is next to a DES office and the prices are halfway decent. Saturday night I had a Pyrex itch so I stopped in on the way home from a holiday soup party while my husband and sleeping daughter waited out in the vehicle. 

I found this minty 404 Verde Square Flowers for $6. I was so shocked I carried it out to the parking lot holding it high over my head like a boxer holding a winning fight belt.

I did have one other good score lately. The picture is terrible but here it is: a Butterprint 503. It was $4 and for Goodwill, that is an amazing price. 

I stopped in on my way home from the gym and almost missed this. It was hiding below a bunch of dishes at the back of a shelf; how this is possible I am not sure as the price sticker was labeled the previous day. After I picked this up I spent a good ten minutes moving every piece of glassware around on both sides of the aisle looking for the lid. No luck, but I will keep checking back, as who knows, it may surface. In any case I had an extra lid so I was thrilled, as this completed my Butterprint Fridgie Set! This is my first full set, and ironically, it's not a print I adore but hey, I will take it, as my husband really, really likes it.


  1. Crazy!!! Glad you found some things though :) cute post

  2. ha-ha! "...I carried it out to the parking lot holding it high over my head like a boxer holding a winning fight belt." Love it! Congrats on a couple of great finds and completing your first fridgie set!!!

  3. What's a DES office?
    And I've only seen one set of square flowers here in Canada - ever. And it wasn't good.enough for the price and condition at the antique market to come home. I reckon they picked it up in the USA!

    1. Hi there, it stands for Department of Economic Security. It's a place folks can go to start the process to collect unemployment and other benefits.

    2. Gotcha. We have 9 Value Village stores in my city & they are all reasonably priced. Of the other 10 I visit, they are all reasonably priced too, except for ones that aren't close to any other second hand stores (which is 2 or 3).

  4. My local Savers has terribly overpriced items, also. I don't even stop by anymore. I'll take Goodwill any time!