Monday, December 23, 2013

My Weekly Finds and My Santa Present!

I did find Pyrex this week!  There was actually quite a bit out there (that I didn't want or need).  A lot of Old Orchard especially.  Here's what I got....not everything in the picture.

First the Santa present, probably obvious...Golden Leaf.  Hubby and I went to an antique mall together that he had not been to and I showed him the bowl and he grabbed it and put it under his arm.  It was $18 and I wouldn't pay that, but he insisted it is his Christmas present to me.  I found the cradle last month so now I'll be on an aggressive search for the lid!

Speaking of lids, I got a lid for my Golden Acorn 548 Space Saver!  First Space Saver lid I have ever run into.  I was so absolutely thrilled.  Earlier this week I posted that I found the 664 lid to my round 4 quart Spring Blossom!  I got two Shenandoah casseroles now I have 471, 473, 474 and 475.  I also found a blue 2.5 quart casserole that I thought was Blue Snowflake Garland, but then when I paired it up I could see it wasn't a match and it actually looks like the New Holland.  Oh well, I guess these things happen (they don't do returns.)

I've been thrifting aggressively everyday for vintage Christmas decorations and posting at my blog here.  That's been going pretty good!

(hopelessly addicted),

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