Sunday, December 22, 2013

Estate Sale Divide & Conquer

I have been looking for a 024 forever, especially since I have three extra lids for this particular piece. Husband and I went thrifting Thursday and I spotted a 024. I sped walked over to pick it up and flip it over, only to see this:

Sigh. I didn't even feel inclined to rescue it and try and clean it up. We hit six stores that day and all I came away with was three 470 lids, which are always nice to have.

But my luck was about to change, as that evening I perused the estate sale postings. The previous weekend we had shown up to a sale so I could grab a Gooseberry 473. Well, we didn't show up early enough and though I was in the door pretty early it was scooped up by the time I made it in. Then I saw it in the hands of the person who got it and while happy for her, felt sad for me as it was so, so pretty.

All this to say as I perused the postings I found two sales worth a visit. As they were on opposite ends of town I knew there was no way I could do both. So I turned to husband and asked if we could divide and conquer. He agreed, then I asked if he could go to the farther done. He agreed…then I asked if he could show up no later than 6:30 to get a number, which would mean leaving out house at 6:00. He did a huh? face until I showed him what I was after. Then he agreed. In the meantime I decided to go to the other one with our seven-year-old daughter. We got there at 6:40 and were number 15. My heart kind of sank. To kill time until the 8:00 start time we went to Dunkin' Donuts, where I got a text from my husband that he too was number 15 for his 8:00 sale. Apparently at the sale he was at someone showed up at 2:30. 

Well, this wouldn't be a post unless I had good news to share, right? We were both successful! My sale was kind of vicious, though; it had a lot of WWII memorabilia and I truly saw a man dive over a couch to get ahead of civilized people who were orderly and walking (though walking fast!). Husband's sale was full of penguin items, yes penguins.they were everywhere, figurines, wall hangings, knick knacks, you name it, it was in every single room, he said the preview pictures did not do the penguin insanity justice. While people were scooping up the penguins one other woman ahead of him was in the kitchen grabbing all the bowls, but she completely ignored a set.

The Fire King Tulips! I thought for sure they would be marked at $75 or higher, especially since the company running the sale tends to price Pyrex and other coveted items at retail prices, but nope, they were much, much less. Meanwhile I was busy getting my long-coveted 024, in turquoise, with lid! Everything is super, super minty. And yes, I got a honeycomb turkey as well; I have been looking for one forever and I was thrilled to find this. My daughter got some geodes, my husband hit a second sale on his way home and got some tools, so our little household was well satisfied. 

Happy holidays!

I did a complete inventory of all my vintage Christmas ornaments and kitsch finds, you can read about it over on my blog if you are in to that kind of thing. 


  1. My husband and I have had to use the Divide & Conquer Method a time or two. Aren't we lucky that we have spouses that will actually work with us?

    Love everything you got! My sister bought me the remaining two bowls I needed to complete my Tulip set for Christmas. And the turquoise 024? Well you absolutely cannot go wrong with turquoise Pyrex. Definitely worth the wait!

    Happy Holidays!


  2. Awesome Jacquelyn!!! Boy I bet you are the envy of those Fire King lovers! I'll have to tell my friend, she will be jealous! I got a turquoise 024 too last week--yay for us!!!