Friday, December 13, 2013

Cabinet Shots and A Question

I get the biggest kick out of opening my cabinets and seeing all the glorious Pyrex!  I took these pictures while I was searching for my husband's favorite cereal bowl.  And speaking of husbands, mine keeps asking me what I want for Christmas.   I know without a doubt it's gonna be Pyrex.  I've been looking around eBay but I was wondering if you all had any suggestions?  Holiday Pyrex would be awesome but really, I like just about everything. 


  1. Anything pink, turquoise, or aqua. New Dots. Orange Butterprint. Starburst Space Saver or any Space Saver. Oh the possibilities are endless!

    Happy Holidays!


  2. Pick your favorite patterns and go from there.

  3. If someone else is paying, pick something expensive!

    1. I agree, if it is a gift-go for a piece that you might think twice about paying for yourself :) For myself, I love the promotionals and they are stand alones, so you don't need to collect a whole set!

  4. I love promos and I don't have any space savers. I think that's where I'll start :))