Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pyrex in Hiding... for the moment.

It was a good weekend last week. I am "this close" to finishing my Spring Blossom Cinderella set. I just need the 441.

I hit up a few thrifts before a camping trip. I think when you are in a hurry things just make their way into your car. Like all of this. Some of it is still in my car and my husband has no idea I bought that Cosco rolling cart. I have to find a place to put it still.

I do't normally hide things from him but I know I will get the look with this one. 

Do you hide your treasures and slowly integrate them in? 
I hear many people do.
 Thankfully my treasure hater husband puts up with my shenanigans.

Treasure Hunter


  1. Hehe, I always hide them and just bring them out when he's not looking. His eyes glaze over when I talk about Pyrex anyway- he has no clue where it comes from or where it goes... But I did buy that very same cart one day, and thought I'd have to explain it away, but he took one look at it, and took it for himself as a stereo system cart!

  2. I love that cart! It looks green in the picture, is that the color? I am pining for a Cosco cart-but have never seen one for sale. I don't hide my stuff, but I definitely get the "where are you going to put that?" comment. I somehow find the room, sometimes I even amaze myself how I fit it in!

  3. Yes it is avocado green. I sold off my deep freezer to make room for it. Plus the deep freeze just hoarded food that went bad. So win win for me! It goes with my cosco stool.