Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pyrex road trip!

Hello all,

What a week I had last week!  It started off with a two day Pyrex hunting trip with my daughter, Kylee, and daughter-in-law, Erin.  And then on Wednesday, our beloved Pecos was peacefully laid to rest.  Please read about him on my blog The Vintage Shelf.  What a wonderful dog that will be greatly missed.  So many emotions played out during the week.

So now I have finally had the chance to get some pictures taken and write about our finds.  We headed out early Monday morning for Amarillo, Texas, with great expectations.  After hitting every possible antique store or mall, along with all of the thrift stores we came away with some great Pyrex and replacement lids.  Erin started her primary mixing bowl collection with the yellow bowl and is going to add to it piece by piece.  The whole sets that we saw averaged from $120.00 to $180.00.  I think those may be sitting on the shelf collecting dust for a while!  She also came home with three 503 refrigerator dishes to start working on those sets.  She found Pink Gooseberry, Butterprint, and Friendship all in mint condition, so she is quite excited to get started on that.

Kylee had been looking for the blue loaf pan for quite some time to complete the set and she quietly squealed when she laid eyes on it! The Golden Pine Promotional was another exciting find that is in great condition.  And who can pass up the pie plates!

For myself, I was so tickled with what I found!  I have had my eye on the Americana Mixing bowl set but every time I spy a complete set, half set or single bowl I choke on the price tag.  But the sweet little 401 was in mint condition for only $6, so I grabbed it and decided on the slow process of finding each piece.  I had the chance last fall to buy the Black Tulip casserole and didn't because of the price tag.  When I saw this happy little dish in great condition for $15, I wasn't going to have any regrets.  I also was happy to find the lime green square baking dish, only to come home and find I already had one! Oh well, sometimes you just need two.  And then thanks to Erin who spotted this little shop with no store front, the Pink Scroll space saver was just waiting!  You never know what you will find and finding pink Pyrex in Amarillo was the furthest from my mind!  It was a bit grimy with baked on stains, but oven cleaner took it right off and it just shines! 

It was a great two days spent with my daughters bonding through Pyrex.  We really had to work to find some but definitely came home with some great finds and wonderful memories!  Now to plan another trip!

Have a great rest of the week,


  1. Good stuff!!!! I found a bowl this past weekend. Finally past my slump.


  2. Yay for the Pink Scroll! That was one piece that eluded me for some time. My wonderful sister bought it for me for Christmas. It's an awesome piece!

    I'd say you found some great pieces that will tide you over until your next adventure:-)


    1. It is such a beautiful piece! I feel so lucky to have it!

  3. Oh, lucky you! I am dying for a pink scroll too!

    1. I do feel lucky...hopefully you will find one also!