Friday, July 12, 2013

Old Orchard Complete Fridgie Set

I know Old Orchard is not the favorite pattern of the PC community. It may even be labeled as the "ugliest" and least collected. 

But there is always one of us right? 

I love Old Orchard. It reminds me of home. I have eaten soup from the same 441 my entire life (even taking it with me to college). I like the color brown. I just like everything about it.

And I finally got to complete my set of fridgies last week.  You can see the amount of work I put into it  here at Treasures My Husband Hates.

Pairs perfectly with the wood box and Squirrel Shaker set. 

Someone always have to love the "uglies." 
That someone is me. 

Treasure Hunter


  1. In my opinion Homestead is the ugliest! :)

  2. Do you know -- they don't look so ugly there on your shelf! They look pretty groovy! Good job on not giving up on the hunt.

  3. Congrats on completing. I'm not the biggest fan of Old Orchard, but there are pieces that I don't mind (& I actually use one regularly), so I guess, Colonial Mist is the ugliest for me. Old Orchard reminds me of my one grandmother. Her kitchen was in these colours growing up. I don't know if she actually had Old Orchard.

  4. It has grown on me. Not into homestead or poor forrest fancies... But old orchard can be cute! Right decor, right kitchen. I see it!

  5. I will admit that I am not a fan at all of the Old Orchard but your little display with the squirrel is pretty dang cute & perfect for Fall!


  6. I will have to admit, there was a time I did not like this, but how cute this would be in a fall or autumn decorated kitchen! :)