Monday, March 12, 2012

Square flowers: like it or not?

I don't know if I like this pattern very much. I love the green. Maybe it is the fact it is another divided dish. I just don't have the love for divided dishes (except charcoal snowflakes). Salvation Army hasn't let me down in the past so I will take it that the divided dish needed to be mine for the time being.

Do you have any ones that you just don't care for?  I love Old Orchard, but most  think is ugly. I don't care for Homestead, even passing up a minty set of mixing bowls for $20.  But this one I am on the fence about.

I picked up a few other things last Friday too, like the lid on top of it, marked Pyrex England. You can read about them here.


  1. I love that divided casserole!! Very groovy, and I just adore any green Pyrex!!

  2. I like your new green Pyrex, but I am a big fan of green. My least favorites are town & country and woodland forest (? the brown pattern w/ mushrooms).

  3. Square Flowers is one of my favorites :) I think Old Orchard and Homestead are fugly. They can't all be winners.