Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Call it Beginner's Luck.

Hi y'all! Sally here from Exploits of a Military Mama.

I've read quite a bit from other contributer's mentioning they're having a harder time finding Pyrex in their areas. I'm beginning to think that no one in my area has been hunting Pyrex except for me in the past few weeks because I have had tremendous luck. I'm calling in Beginner's Luck because I'm quite certain this good streak cannot continue for much longer.

A couple days ago, I decided to run into a local Goodwill just to see if they happened to have any Pyrex. My husband was on baby duty, and I had a couple hours to run around without hauling little ones in and out of carseats. I perused the rows for a couple minutes without anything catching my eye. For some reason, I decided to head back through the "Yellow" aisle in the Home Goods section. I stopped in my tracks when I noticed a big, yellow bowl with an orange binder on top. I quickly lifted off the binder, and BAM! Awesomeness.

I, literally, squealed in the aisle, scooped them up, and ran for the checkout.

They aren't in perfect condition, though they do look really beautiful for their age. The yellow, green, and blue bowls have survived with very minimum scratching and no fading. Unfortunately, my red 402 hasn't faired as well. I'm afraid he died a terrible, dishwasher death.

Why do people do these things?!

But no matter. Because the price tag? Made it totally worth it.

I'll be prowling the stores for a replacement red bowl, but until then, I'm pretty happy with my lucky find.

Sally @ Exploits of a Military Mama


  1. I think you're probably getting a lot of jealous stares right now. I'm one of them!

  2. That's fantastic! You will probably be able to pick up a new red bowl at an estate sale, I come across single primary bowls fairly often at them

  3. there's just something about the red bowls. I picked up my primary set at GoodWill sans red bowl!!
    Congrats on your find!!

  4. Seems a lot of people are getting back into the Pyrex dishes. I see them in all the antique malls and at some estate sales. Since I do not cook,I just pass them by.

  5. I used a couple of sad looking bowls like your red for outside plants last summer - hope you're lucky and find the red one soon..

  6. Great score! It seems the red bowls always saw harder use than the others- must have been a perfect size for lots of things. You'll find a new one eventually, and it will give you something to hunt for!

  7. Jill, what a lovely idea! A planter would be a wonderful use for my poor, beat-up red bowl. If I find a replacement, I'll do that with this one.