Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rainbow's End

Hi PC3, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

After a hectic couple of weeks, I realized that I needed some retail therapy.  I have about 2 hours to myself on Thursdays while my daughter is at school, and today I definitely wanted to hit the thrifts. It was a very good decision!

I decided to brave the local Sally Ann. This store is only a couple of miles from me and is huge- probably over 10K square feet. I think it used to be a Kmart. It really is that big! You'd think it would be a slam dunk, that I'd be there every week, but no. It just hasn't paid off for me very much. Lots of smelly stuff and smelly people. 

But today I found a few gems, and in the housewares section. Other than the furniture section, which is miniscule, and the jewelry section, (which is non-existent- where does it all go?) the housewares section of this store is probably the worst.

I have never, ever, found Pyrex in this store, let alone a fridgie in great shape and in a pattern I collect. But there it was, a primary yellow 503 with the old-style lid for $3.99. It was very dirty, but cleaned up nicely. I'm halfway there to completing the primary fridgie set!

This is the best find of the day, perhaps the year. Yes, it is jadeite, and not a repro. I think I must have knocked over a few babies and old ladies getting to it. It was $2.99. You're reading that correctly.

It's a large mixing bowl, and I happened to know exactly what it belongs to:

A perfect fit! Never did I think I would find it, and for only a couple of bucks. See, there really is treasure at the end of the rainbow!


  1. super awesome finds!! :) I love when you just make that decision to stop and there are some gems awaiting!! :) YAY!

  2. Wow, definitely your lucky day! Super finds and the prices were super too!

  3. VERY cool! I absolutely LOVE it!!

  4. It was sure a lucky day for you!!

  5. Don't you hate thrift stores like that? Ones that are awesome on paper, but actually really stupid? Nice find on the 503 and jadeite. I'm sure the babies and old ladies got over it:)