Sunday, March 11, 2012

happy blossoms and sad blossom

 I caught the quick occurrence of sunshine spilling into my dining-room one afternoon this week. See, my backyard has 12 trees on a 1/4 acre, so sunshine spillage doesn't happen for too long.

I took advantage of the spillage.

I was lucky enough to find this complete set of Spring Blossom Serve and Store casseroles at Salvation Army, sitting on the shelf waiting for me. There was also a set of Daisy Serve and Store, but they were obviously much loved by their previous owner, and I left them for someone else. Not surprisingly, they weren't there the last time I stopped by the thrift.

I received these three from a sweet friend, and I'm absolutely thrilled. The Butterprint fridgie completes my fridgie set, I love Butterfly Gold and the Horizon Blue is my first in that pattern. It's so art deco.

My lovelies wanted to become a power Pyrex stack. I also found the turquoise fridgie on the top at Salvation Army. Unfortunately, it's pretty beat up, but I couldn't say no to that one. Technically, I need one more 501 to finish my turquoise fridgie set....but I'm going to say I need two more because this one is going to be a workhorse. Its supermodel days are long gone.

But I will still love her.

Thanks for checking out my weekly Pyrex finds, Pyrex People! Please follow Blossom over to my blog froog and doog to see why the bullyfroog looks so dejected in her lovely vintage sweater.

Happy Hunting!


  1. Thanks for this neat and different post. It is refreshing seeing a variety of neat things.