Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Recent Finds and a Frankenset

It's been a bit since I've done a finds post, so without further ado...some finds. The last thirty-six hours yielded some good stuff.

I was at the dentist, having my routine twice-yearly cleaning, learning I have two cavities (yes, I floss, and yes, I brush twice a day, often more, my dentist says some people just have bad teeth genetics) and it would cost me just south of $500 to have them filled in two weeks when this text came in.

Husband was on the far side of the city at a Goodwill we rarely get to. He had a meeting out there and like a good Pyrex collector made some stops on the way home. He said he "saw something good peeking out of the bins they just wheeled out so I looked and saw the Bertha and grabbed it really quick while the Goodwill employee laughed." He was pretty excited and said he clutched it to his side as he made his rounds through the store. This is the first time either of us has seen a Big Bertha. It's not my favorite pattern (I'd prefer BFG, SB, or SFG) but it has a lid and truthfully I am just happy to finally have a Big Bertha. And we had just bought a ham at Costco this past weekend and now we have a new vessel in which to cook it. Husband says he is just worried his Le Creuset (what he also collects) will be jealous.

So I came home from the dentist visit of doom and took a picture of it sitting on the divided dishes I had found the day before....both at yet another Goodwill. And yet again it was a Goodwill we don't get to often. First, it rarely has anything good. Second, I know another person who goes there a lot, so I think of it as this person's Goodwill. But, this person happens to be out of town for two weeks and I was in the area running some errands so I stopped in. I am glad I did. I have been wanting the Dandelion Duet for forever! And little miss loves the scroll print, she was pretty excited about as well. 

Then later this same day we went out for lunch downtown and stopped by, you guessed it, another Goodwill. I was thinking we would leave empty-handed when I saw an end cap of all green items, and hiding in the very back corner this Green Wheat. I said aloud, "Oh, hello!" which elicited some funny looks from other patrons. This is the second Green Wheat I have thrifted in less than a year and this is my husband looking handsome, holding it.

So yes, the dental visit of doom felt a bit better after this whirlwind of activity. 

Other finds over the past two weeks include an opal Friendship 475 lid (I was thrilled, I had the clear printed version on my 475 and much prefer the opal); Snowflake Garland 473; Golden Acorn 548; a 475 lid (no lid left behind); an older 503 lid (again, no good lid left behind); and a Butterprint 475....so it was extremely convenient to have found the 475 lid a couple days prior.


And now I will close with a Frankenset. I have been wanting to do an all orange refrigerator set and I finally put one together after a Pyrex friend sent me the 502, which has been eluding me for a good long while.

Happy hunting!



  1. yeah! congrats on all your lovely finds. its nice to know that pyrex can still be thrifted. its so rare that i find anything nice any more :)

    1. Thanks LeslieH! I was pretty happy---theer have been days when I goto *lots* of thrifts, yard sales, estate sales and come home with nothing. I also leave stuff behind as my "wants" list is getting pretty narrow after a few years of collecting. I was starting to lose hope! Sometimes I think these things come in waves. Good luck to you!

  2. You have been doing great! Not the Bertha you have been hoping for, but hey!--you got one! I've just gotten too busy to post my finds, but still something pops up now and again.

    Love your frankie set!