Sunday, August 10, 2014

Congratulations Jacquelyn!

Thank you Jacquelyn for the wonderful Pyrex pics and the haiku. Jacquelyn, you've probably heard this a lot in your life, but you're a winner! (Jacquelyn, Please email me your mailing address at and I'll forward it to the BKF people, who will mail your gift basket to you.) You can see her post below this one, but here's her swell poem:

Up at five thirty-two
Bowl I am coming for you
Today I got blue

We still have two Bar Keepers Friend gift baskets to hand out for PCI and PCII. I'm going to extend the contest until next Friday the 15th. If there are still no entries, we'll open up the contest again to PCIII. 

Thanks again to Bar Keepers Friend for their generous gifts. If you know of any BKF posts I can tell them about, please let me know via email. This company is jazzed about Pyrex. 

Canadian Erin