Sunday, May 25, 2014

Thrifting While Camping

My husband and little miss took me off into the wilderness again and the same rule applied as last time: If I was going to camp I was also going to thrift. We hit every small town thrift, junk, and random we sell whatever we can find store. We drove off the highway and through small, former mining towns and came away with some great things. I did leave some stuff behind for the next hunter, but here is what made the cut.

The space saver lid and space saver were not found together. I found the lid first and was thrilled, then when I found the space saver the next day, well, I was over the moon.

The space saver has its own story. I found it in a junk store, on the bottom shelf of a bookcase behind a chair hiding in a corner; all I could see was the handle so I moved the chair and pulled it out. It was trashed but the little old lady behind the counter said, "A little vinegar will take that stain right off, honey." I was skeptical so when I got it home I soaked it overnight in oven cleaner. It didn't budge, so I tried BKF. Nothing. My husband made a vinegar compress and an hour later, voila! It wiped right off.

It's been a literal Pyrex desert for me here in the desert where I live so I was thrilled to find so many great things. Little miss was a big help on this trip. She spotted the Friendship 503. I walked right past it but she snatched it right up, It is flawless, notary a scratch or blemish. She also found the Gooseberry 501. She watched a man at a thrift pick it up, look at it, set it down, then she moved in and claimed it. I have a pro on my hands.

Happy hunting!



  1. What an awesome haul! I would definitely sleep outside of the comfort of my home if I was rewarded like that.

    Have a great day!


  2. I can't believe you found all that! I think the small thrifts are the best and the prices are usually really low.

  3. Well, this was three days of hunting, all in north central Arizona. Never in a million years could I find all this in one town in one day, lol.

  4. The Pyrex gods have been good to you Jacquelyn!! Love it all!

  5. Totally awesome finds and good help from your family helpers too!