Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pyrex Passion

I requested the book Pyrex Passion for the holidays this year: ask and you shall receive! I realize it's been almost half a year since I acquired it and I never posted anything about it. I remember at least one or two people wrote something about the book here when it first came out, but I wanted to offer my own two cents (or about $50 as the case is with the cost of this thing...!) 

The good news for those of you who don't want to shell out $49.99... it looks like the price dropped to $39.99 for the book, AND there is now an iPad version available for $19.99. 

I enjoyed reading through the book and I appreciated how thorough the author was in listing what kind of pieces came in which patterns. I recently sold several pieces of Spring Blossom and a few other miscellaneous patterns that I wasn't collecting. I was thankful the book had a section on when everything was manufactured, since I was able to tell the vendor right then and there the information she requested. It was also helpful to see what the pieces were roughly worth. 

Personally though, I found that the prices quoted at the back have since skyrocketed at least at the antique stores near me. (Then again, most of those pieces of Pyrex have sat on shelves for the past year collecting dust...)

One other quirk I found with the book was that there was nothing about any of the Pyrex plates, cups and bowls that I'm personally passionate about, like these pink ones, or these turquoise ones.

I realize that the title is a 'comprehensive guide to decorated vintage Pyrex'... but I was at least hoping for a little something more about Pyrex tableware and dinner plates. There's also nothing about the See 'N' Store Canisters. But, if you want to see my See 'N' Store collection, check out this post

Meanwhile, I'm going to continue to enjoy eating and drinking out of this Pyrex, regardless of how little I know about it. 

What about you... do you have a copy of Pyrex Passion? What do you think? 

Happy Pyrexing, people... may you find the pieces that stoke your passion! 



  1. Interesting to hear about the book. Thanks for the info. Like your dishes. Don't see those much around here.

    1. Thanks! I don't see many of these dishes either, so I'm thankful for the few that I have found over the years.

  2. Funny, the book came up up in a discussion today with my husband and he asked if I had it and I said no. I said "it's $50" and he was like 'so what', but in the back of my mind I was thinking I could put that 50 bucks towards a piece LOL!!! Still undecided if I want to pick it up or not.

    1. Ha ha! I felt the same way too... but then my mom offered to get it for me as a gift, so I took her up on the offer ;)

  3. I have it and while I thought $50 was high I think it is worth it. There are some errors in it and I have annotated and updated by hand (for example, the Mod Stars casserole is listed as a 045 when it only came in 043). I also printed the index the author created after the book publication and glued it into the book. I never knew just how helpful and index could be until I had a reference book without one! I think he is rectifying that in the next edition. My daughter really likes flipping through it and as a result has become very good at spotting pyrex out in the wild (she is eight).

    I've pre-ordered Mauzy's Unauthorized Collector's Guide to Pyrex (or some such title). I ran into an old edition and it is really good; it has the clear glassware. The new edition coming out this fall is supposed to be really good.

    1. There's an index?! I haven't seen that yet... I was just thinking the other day that an index would have been most helpful! That's awesome that your daughter uses it! I'll have to check out that other guide to Pyrex as well.