Monday, May 12, 2014

Some Recent Great Acquisitions

I've been a bit remiss lately and not blogging as much, both here and on my personal blog. Life has taken over somewhat and on the vintage hunt front, truth be told things have been s.l.o.w. in the thrifting department. I'm trying to stick to thrifting and yard/estate sales only but am having a hard time, because all I have seen lately at the thrift have been damaged pieces and duplicates that I don't want to haul home. I will get duplicates, but only of some pieces. I don't need six Butterfly Gold 401s but I will happily take six Friendship 401s. I'm sure you can guess which pattern I run into all the time.

Here is a picture of a recent epic (for me, anyway) yard sale/estate sale haul.

Sorry for the bad picture, it's the only one I took and I used my phone. The Snowflake Garland 401-3 and Butterprint 404 came from an estate sale. My wonderful husband got up at 5:30 to get me a number, then I went to the actual sale at 8. He and my daughter went to a yard sale while I was at the estate sale and got the 501s: an unmarked Opal, Horizon Blue, and Daisy. As I was driving home from the estate sale I stopped by a yard sale where I got the Cosco cart. I was so excited! I am going to take it apart and clean it up and repaint it, likely turquoise. I also got the Autumn Harvest 442 and have already passed that on to another collector. For me, where I live, this is a very good day.

Friendship Penn Dutch. Hello! The lid is the Penn Dutch lid as well. Until I figure out where this dish will reside it's up on a high shelf. I acquired this from another collector; she knew I wanted it and told me she was selling hers. We came to terms and I couldn't be happier.

My stack of fridgies (501s and 503s) separate from my full sets continues to grow. Since I last shared my stack picture I've added some 503s, most notably the black one, and a second column of 501s, all of which were found in the wild.

I'm also working on offloading some of my vintage stuff. As much as I love the hunt I just can't keep it all. I've opened up an Etsy store, feel free to check it out if you get a chance.

Oh, and you can see my recent Fire King acquisitions here.

Happy hunting!


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  1. Love seeing your stacks grow! So pretty and colorful! Yeah, I haven't been going out hunting as much recently either. The garden calls and as you well know, trading and selling is eating up a bunch of my time! Still playing with my Pyrex none-the-less!