Saturday, November 23, 2013

Butterfly Gold and Woodland

One of my husband's aunts is downsizing to move closer to family and I am the happy recipient of some of her old Pyrex.  I'm getting really excited about my Thanksgiving table now!  I picked up some Butterfly Gold plates a few weeks ago when I found the Old Orchard piece, so with these new bowls, it's all coming together.

His aunt also brought a ginormous box of vintage Santas and a box of Christmas ornaments.  I see a vintage Christmas ornament wreath in my future!  xxxxxxLisa


  1. Oh how exciting Lisa! My two favorite things--Pyrex and vintage Christmas!

    So cool you got the 404 Woodland bowl! I love the colors in the newer BFG!

  2. Love! I always use my Butterfly Gold and Woodland on my Thanksgiving table! They are the perfect colors for a seasonal meal.