Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Drips and Drabs

It's been a bit of a Pyrex desert here lately, despite my very best efforts and very best hunting. I did find an Autumn Harvest 475 at Goodwill but left it behind because I already have it and just didn't feel like storing a second until I get my little shop up and running. I'm likely going to sell or trade the one I have, anyway.

I'm convinced because I live in the west our thrifts are not as good. We simply don't get as much "old" stuff since the population tends to be newer, and even when we do have retirees my husband thinks they downsize prior to moving here. Yard sale season is at an end as well, there wasn't a single post on Craigslist for any kind of sale. There's still the few professionally run estate sells and the estate sale store but those have been dry as well.

Whining over, though, because despite hitting just about every thrift store in the greater Old Pueblo area I did find two things, both by a total fluke.

The Pink Daisy 548 space saver was acquired at an antique fair. The alarm went off, I rolled over, and went back to sleep. My husband prodded me out of bed by reminding me the location was only about ten minutes away, and I could just put on a hat, walk in, peruse, and be done. I did just that and the first table I went to had the space saver. I talked her down from her reasonable start price (it never hurts to ask, as my dad says) so I was happy, even if I was still rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

The Fire King bowl, well, it's been sitting in a case at the Humane Society thrift store for about two months, likely due to the price. I told myself I would get it when it went half off. Today I was dropping off a donation and said a silent hello to the bowl. Well, luck (?) was on my side and it was half off. I love these Fire King bowls, I have two of the tulip ones as well. They are just so pretty!

Hopefully my luck will change soon but I take solace in the thought that if my luck is poor someone else's must be good. Yay for that person!



  1. I really don't understand how you think you are having bad luck when in a short period of time you've come home with 4 pieces on my want list. You are the one having good luck. I only see Fire King polka dots priced around $70. It's dry as usual here. Dealers are getting lucky, yay for them. Hope their making their small fortunes at the Sunday Antique Market.

    1. I guess it's all about perspective! I am on a FB group where people are finding things like Moon Deco and Snowflakes for under $5. I never see that here.

      I see the dealers at my local stores quite a bit. I wonder how they are doing. I sometimes buy duplicates so I can trade online but that's it.

    2. Yeah, I would love to get just one complete space saver, pink daisy would put me in heaven for a good week!