Friday, November 1, 2013

YELLOW FREAKING DOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh...a feast for the eyes

I was on a hot streak with Pyrex over the summer--I found several beautiful pieces in thrift stores, and my lovely mother-in-law gave me an entire box that she'd been collecting. I got lazy about posting here, though. Then, by late summer, it was like a Pyrex-plague hit the thrift stores (or something...too tired to make up a clever simile). What I'm trying to say is, it was and has been grim for the last couple months. Nothing in my usual stores; even Goodwill, which usually has a few pieces in stock, only featured dishwasher-destroyed or chipped ones.

But today, that all changed. I walked down the two aisles at GW that usually feature Pyrex and didn't see anything good. I glanced at the bowl section more casually, ready to give up, and did a whiplash-worthy double-take when I glimpsed the Yellow Dots. I snatched it up, prepared to pay $6.99 or whatever they've been charging lately for Pyrex at GW. IT WAS ONLY NINETY-NINE CENTS, PEOPLE. Ninety-nine cents! Here in Seattle, and especially at our thrift stores, that kind of price doesn't come along very often. I had to stop myself from cradling the bowl like a baby for the rest of our shopping trip. It's a little flea-bitten but the dots are shiny. SO SHINY.

My husband, despite being a total Pyrex convert (I still laugh when I remember his texts about "Lucky in Love"), does not get the New Dots thrill. But man oh man--I do. If there has to be a Pyrex drought--and this one has been long and dry--then I couldn't have asked for a better way to end it than my beloved, dirt-cheap Yellow Dots. Hooray!

~Margaret Ann


  1. 99 cents...are you kidding me? unheard of. Lucky you...did you go right out and buy a Lotto ticket??

    1. Hee hee. No Lotto ticket. But I've been breaking into an occasional sing-songy little song that goes like this, "I'!!!!!!" Thankfully I'm at home, where everyone understands Pyrexomania.

  2. Super excited for you!!! A New Dots bowl is what started me on my Pyrex collecting frenzy. It is still one of my favorite sets.


  3. I'm in love. Wish I could have seen you find it in person. If I were in Seattle I would scurry over to your house to admire. And .99 cents. Seriously!

  4. I'm in love. Wish I could have seen you find it in person. If I were in Seattle I would scurry over to your house to admire. And .99 cents. Seriously!

  5. Fantastic! I'm looking for the yellow too (I have blue and orange). Hope I find it for 99 cents...amazing!

  6. So jealous but also happy for you!

    I saw an orange dots an an antique mall last week and wimped out about paying $10 for it. I went back two days later to get it and it was gone. I learned my lesson. Do not walk away from New Dots.

  7. 99cents? That's awesome! I paid $8 for mine which I thought was a deal!

  8. Oh yay!!! Gosh, there's nothing like a Pyrex find high! I got the small balloons for 99 cents recently I couldn't stop smiling in the store! I don't drink, but I felt intoxicated--so yeah, I totally understand!

  9. I JUST finished my new dots set - on eBay because I was tired of waiting for the green dots to show up at a thrift store - and did a serious happy dance. But 99 cents?! Awesomeness.