Sunday, June 22, 2014

Grandma's Pyrex

My grandparents lived in West Virginia and my grandmother passed away a couple of years ago. One of my uncles had been living in her house until he passed away last fall. Now my father and uncles have been working on closing out the house and just this month my dad made a trip back east to haul home some family goods. I put in my request: any old glassware and the Hoosier cabinet.

Here's some (but not all, this is a Pyrex blog, lol) of the glassware I got.

Butterfly Gold 501s and some Woodland that is hidden. Grandma didn't have a dishwasher and the Woodland was pretty covered in gook. It enjoyed two days of soaking in oven cleaner, outside and inside the bowls. 

The is pretty funny; my dad was unloading the trailer and opened a box and handed the 503 and lids to me with a big smile on his face. He knew I couldn't wait to get at everything. My daughter was with me and she said, "That's a Butterfly Gold 503, Grandpa!" I have trained her well. My mom aid they found this in the back of a closet. That's my mom, looking out for her daughter's Pyrex addiction. 

This pink 401 is so shiny! It was covered in ack as you can see i n this picture. It enjoyed an overnight soak in oven cleaner and is now squeaky clean and like new. It does have some nicks but they were made with love by my grandma, I am sure. 

You can see a picture of the Hoosier cabinet here. It's going to be a bit of a restoration project for me but I am pretty thrilled to have it. 

Happy hunting!


  1. its so nice to have pieces that having memories and are meaningful to you. congrats on all the fun stuff! :)

  2. I would love to have Pyrex that belonged to my grandma but I don't ever remember her having any. That's okay. I'm fine with using someone else's grandma's Pyrex!


  3. Your Grandma is smiling down on you!


  4. Awesome inherited pieces! Can't get any better than that!