Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fridgie Finds

Lately it has been raining fridgies. And maybe soon we will get some actual rain, too, as our monsoon season approaches here in the Old Pueblo.

I found these fridgies, along with the catherineholm, at the most amazing estate sale I have been to in a long while. The house was packed with MCM. My husband got up to get our number and got there a bit before 5:30---and got numbers 23 and 24. I was listening to people chat while we waited to get in and some folks had driven down from Phoenix (two hours north) the night before and camped out. The house was full of good stuff and I saw a ton of dealers all waiting to get in. I was amazed the CH was still available by the time I made it in the door. As I was taking this trunk shot a guy came up to me and congratulated me, telling me he had been wanting the CH. Truthfully I was as excited by the Spring Blossom and Daisy 501s, especially since they all had lids. It has been slow going for me to complete the Spring Blossom set but now all I need is the 502. The Daisy 501s are duplicates but they are good for trade. 

I took my daughter to a puppet show local used bookstore and spotted these on the shelf in the kitchen books section---here's the actual "Oh my, look what I found!" picture. I was pretty excited, as I had lots of trade credit from selling the store a bunch of her books she had outgrown. Just like that I completed the Autumn Harvest set in one day, continuing my march toward every fridgie set (though let's be honest, Sandalwaood will likely never happen). The random 501 is Woodland and now I really regret trading my 503 in this pattern.

It's been slow at the thrifts lately so these finds were super nice. It's super hot here, yard sales are slim to none (it's hard to hold a sale when it is in the 90s early in the morning), and few people are donating to the thrift because it is just too hot to clean! And truthfully, I have not been going out as much because it's just too darn hot to drive around.

Happy hunting! And stay cool!


  1. This time of year is really slow at the thrifts. So many people seem to choose to have sales rather than donate.

    Congrats on all your fridgies!


  2. You are just raking it in!!! Great job on the fridigies! I used to pass up Catherineholm, but found an ice bucket lately and have kinda fallen in love with it--not that I need to find something else to collect LOL!