Thursday, February 5, 2015

I Love Pyrex Bakeware and Fridgies

We recently moved from a tiny house to an even tinier house. Unfortunately it has resulted in my having to slowly rheum a lot of my collection. BUT! One portion of my collection that will always be with me is my bakeware. I am an avid baker, and I use it all the time. I prefer the older bakeware with the rounded handles, except for the Daisy bakeware set. I am also not a fan of the printed pieces, excepting, of course, the Friendship 933.

This is my current bakeware, all on a Cosco cart restored by my husband. Unfortunately, I had a breakage during my move. An unnamed family member was careless with a box and it resulted in a broken Turquoise 22 and Pale Yellow 231. I can't talk about it too much or I get weepy; I am still sad.

Oh, and pie plates. I have a lot of those, including a couple Agee pieces. Those fluted edges get me every single time.

And this is my current fridgie hoard. I am actually working on downsizing this, as there are even more you don't see pictured that were actually in use in the refrigerator! I have a lid for every single one of these.

Moving really opened my eyes to everything I have: not just Pyrex, but also Fire King, Hazel Atlas, and others. It is amazing how fast it all accumulates!

Happy hunting!


  1. Wow you have a fabulous collection, dee x

  2. So pretty, I like solids a lot too and kept them. I kept my friendship set and just the patterned 933s. I still need to let go of more too. I was pretty close to having all the fridigies, crazy. It was so addicting to collect--it was like I was possessed! LOL I'm glad I've come to that place where I don't feel like I want it all. I love using it everyday and the pieces I use primarily for display I enjoy seeing. There comes that point where striking the right balance feels good and not overwhelming. :0)


  3. If you have any crazy daisy fridgies you wanna sell i need the baby ones! =0)

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