Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Adding to a Growing Collection

It's been forever since I felt I had added anything to my Pyrex collection worth sharing. However, I have recently come across a few pieces I have added to my Pyrex horde and here is one photographed and ready to share. The horizon blue lasagna pan! I was excited to see it in a new dealers booth at my antique mall. I didn't get it for a steal but I did get it for a more than reasonable price. I am happy to add it to my growing collection of lasagna pans. Until last summer I didn't have even 1 of these pans in my collection. Now, I have 4! I have the orange and butterfly gold which were found in the wild (estate sale and garage sale) and friendship and horizon blue both found in captivity (antique mall and collections). It's just a matter of time before I buy one from online. But these pans are heavy so shipping is expensive. Here's to hoping all my collection can be had without buying them online and paying outrageous shipping lol Yeah right!

Have a wonderful Cherry Picked week ya'll! Come visit me over at and see the unusual Beetland vintage freezer/fridge I discovered.


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