Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New Here!

Hi my name is Sam:)
I am arriving very late. I just started collecting about May of this year! SO I'm still at the point of whatever I come across I have to get! I'm having a hard time being selective and picky since I absolutely LOVE every pattern and color. Growing up my Mom always had ONE green bowl (primary 403 mixing bowl I now know). It was my Grandmas bowl and I'm guessing the sole survivor of a primary set she once had. I loved using it to make brownies and for my popcorn. A little while after I moved out I realized I needed more mixing bowls because I think I only had one or two. So I remembered that green bowl and started searching eBay and Etsy. But they were way to expensive to me so I said forget it! My mom came out to visit me in May for her birthday and we went to thrift shops and antique stores. We stopped at a Salvation Army about a half hour away and she found some Pyrex bowls! I bought them for about $10 and went home to do some research and figured out that she found a Cinderella style butterfly gold set!

It never occurred to me that Pyrex could be found at thrifts and antique stores so the search was on!! So a while after the collecting started I went to visit my Mom and she gave me the green bowl! I'm pretty sure that it is my favorite piece in my whole collection for the sheer fact that it was my Grandmas bowl. The set I got to pick up next was the primary mixing bowls which my boyfriend actually got for me! So wonderful!