Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Pyrex and More

I've been finding Christmas pyrex lately which is great and in perfect timing! But of course I have found random others to. First is one my Mom sent me a while ago that she got for me at an antique store in Oregon!
Black tulip 043 with cheddar biscuits yumm...
Next are some that I found at my favorite thrift over about a week span
This one I left there a few times because it was more than I wanted to spend for something I wouldn't use very much. But I went on half price certain colors day and couldn't leave it for $3
I found these bowls at the same time as the tea carafe, 402 and 403 snowflake blue mixing bowls. Also the 402 flame glo? I think its called?? But they were like $2.90 a piece!
The next day I went back AGAIN and found some butterfly gold all at once! Seemed like someone let go of some of they're set. The butter dish was $1.90 402 was 2.90 and 403 3.90!
402 woodland bowl in mint condition I got for 1.90 on half price certain colors day. I didn't like woodland to much when I first started collecting but now I love the pattern since I've found them in person!
 This is not a recent find but I had to share my woodland mug I had my coffee in this morning:)
Last this is one of my favorite finds, a golden pine space saver from 1961 with lid it was mint and cost $9.90! This was of course at my favorite thrift again. Do you see why its my favorite place?! I made some chocolate chip pumpkin spice cookies for it to hold:)


  1. I normally stay away from the brown shades of Pyrex but have grown quite fond of the simple look of the Woodland pattern. I would love to find some for a Fall display!


  2. Cookies sound delish! We use Woodland daily because it's not particularly my favourite pattern. My BFs mother gave us the mixing bowls before I even started collecting. Once she knew they were collectables, she wanted them back!

  3. You are doing great on your collection! I got myself in big trouble because I love EVERY Pyrex pattern! I see Pyrex all the time at the thrifts and it's hard to not to want to buy it when I already have too much!