Monday, October 6, 2014

I Spy, From the Corner of My Eye...

I made a quick run through a local antique mall this weekend. I was going to skip one aisle that never has anything good but my spidey sense told me to take a peek. As I was turning around to exit that aisle, what did I spy from the corner of my eye...

Spirograph (sans under plate)

I was pretty excited, I think I said "Oh my" a few times. All I had glimpsed was the lid but that was enough. The dish and the lid are in perfect shape, no scratches, chips, or any other flaws. And the next part? It was $15. When I saw the price I said something a bit stronger than "Oh my"!

Happy hunting!

P.S.: Now that I have the fancy-schmany iPhone 6 and a lot more storage space than my abused 5 I have done nothing but take pictures (I had run out of space on my old phone) and as a result, joined Instagram. You can find me at Jacquelynedinaz.


  1. I was thrilled to find my Spirograph too! It is definitely one that you will find in the wild probably only once in a lifetime.

    Congrats on joining IG. Be's addictive!!


  2. You've got the touch! I know it's a piece you're in love with! Congratulations on another fantastic find!!!