Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hello UFO

I started purging a great deal of my collection recently and on the chopping block was my Turquoise 024. I was all set and ready to offer it for sale but decided to take a break for a few days.

Well, I'm glad the break happened, because this past weekend we went on a day trip to a quaint little town and did touristy things. In one shop of this little town my husband found this:

A UFO stand...and how fitting that he spotted it, because the UFO is one of his dream pieces that we had always assumed would be unattainable. This stand was on a shelf under a staircase in the basement of a combo junk/antique store. We paid the junk price.

As soon as we got home he married it up with my 024:

Now, I know this is not complete because it does not have the metal lid. But maybe lightning will strike twice? Until then, we are both satisfied. 

Happy hunting!



  1. I would say that your break from selling was a direct sign from the Pyrex Gods :-)


  2. That is a great find! I always look through the junk metal piles for stuff like that, and have never really found anything. :(

  3. Jealous, for sure! Good find :-)


  4. I know how happy you are! I'm happy for you too!!!!


  5. Thanks all! My husband is *super* happy because he has always wanted this piece. I'm glad the 024 missed being purged...but that said, something else has to now go in its place, lol.

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